After a crisis, loss, or trauma, each individual has their own way of grieving, and coping. Sadness, guilt, shock, anger, frustration, rage, and feelings of helplessness may occur. The healing process may begin with the passage of time and the support of loved ones; however, professional help may be needed for support during the initial shock of the situation and later on while experiencing different stages of the grief cycle.

Are you feeling tired, depressed, sad or angry since the loss of your loved one? Your feelings are completely normal. The loss of a parent, sibling, child, spouse or a close friend can become very overwhelming for anyone. Grief can be emotional, physical and behavioral for anyone at any age.

There is a chance that you are looking for guidance around disruptive thoughts and feelings, caused by either a death, divorce, or the many other losses we can encounter in our lifetime.

Addiction Issues

I provide outpatient, substance abuse and chemical dependency counseling services to those affected by alcoholism and other addictions. I specialize in treating those clients with who are Dually-Diagnosed, or who also have mental health disorders in addition to addiction issues.

Treatment focus is on the resolution of underlying, unresolved issues that are causing symptoms of dysfunction, through insight oriented and cognitive behavioral therapy. Educational components focus on learning new functional coping strategies as well as healthy living skills to create and maintain a long-term successful way of life.

I have been providing mental health and addiction counseling since 2006 in both individual and group settings. I am a generalist therapist who uses a strengths—based approach, while utilizing evidenced- based interventions. These include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Solution-Focused techniques, and Motivational Interviewing among others.

Crisis & Trauma
Counseling & Therapy

Aftereffects of trauma and crisis can include depression, anxiety, behavioral changes and more. These are symptoms of larger issues that should be addressed with a compassionate mental health professional. Let us help you or your loved ones overcome the pain; strength and peace are possible for everyone, even the most traumatized.


Learn mindfulness techniques to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. The utilization of mindfulness interventions enables people to improve their wellbeing by separating themselves from negative thoughts and emotions.

Group Therapy

Our caring therapists are trained to facilitate and lead effective group therapy sessions, each focusing on a different topic, such as depression, anxiety, relationship counseling, parenting support, behavioral issues, and more. Join one of our supportive, respectful groups and begin your journey to a healthier outlook on life.